Not very important in the Perm police, as well as in the PNIPU of the country. Interest in the method of promoting gas production was lost. Pos will be able to use water and corrosion veins, increase service life.

Many materials used in water can degrade, that is, hydrogen bonding, leading to deterioration in the mechanical and other properties of metals, including ductility, as well as strength and durability. Roughly speaking, during the transition between carbon in steel and hydrogen, cracks and various swellings may well occur.

Chromium-nickel steels are the most resistant to private explosions, but the behavior of such a material in an environment full of hydrogen has not been studied. In addition to PNRPU, they provided their extensive research and testing, such as rials, which are based on nickel, show a higher degree of resistance to hydrogen even at high temperatures, which is excellent. This is the same as the presentation at PNRPU. GTU video.

At the same time, the optimal conditions for gas turbine plants are

PNIPU is confident that this use of alloys for the manufacture of gas turbine parts is also promising and promising. When operating turbochargers, it is necessary to combine economic and technical characteristics. The research data of Perm specialists was financed by the Ministry of Education and Science. In Russia, the results were published by EDP Sci.

Source: Tech Cult

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