LuzIA artificial intelligence Works for free via WhatsApp and Telegram, now offers real-time experiences. The information provided by the chatbot also includes details about climate and meteorology.

The functionality is now available and includes questions such as “What is the weather today in São Paulo?”, “What is the weather forecast for tomorrow in Cuiabá?”, “Will it rain today?”, “Should I scan?” It can be accessed by asking questions such as. among other interactions Is there an umbrella in Belo Horizonte today?

Other features using real-time searches will also be available soon, according to the unnamed company that manages LuzIA. In addition to the ability to interact with updated information, the tool has also received improvements in rendering.

Launched in Brazil in July, LuzIA can transcribe audio, answer questions, plan dinner, tell jokes, write documents and messages, translate song lyrics, and more.

“We created Luzia to help more people discover the power of artificial intelligence, and we’re happy that it makes the lives of 15 million people around the world more fun and productive today. “To reach the next 15 million, we are working to deliver a wealth of information in real time that will help people make better decisions in their daily lives,” said Alvaro Higes, co-founder of Luzia.

visual change

Another new feature that LuzIA brings is the appearance of the chatbot. The character’s avatar has been redesigned, and according to the company, the new design reinforces “the company’s commitment to making AI more accessible, easier to use, and thus narrowing the technological gap between humans.”

LuzIA’s new avatar is designed to be closer to people, a friend that inspires peace, wisdom and curiosity.

Using the same platforms as ChatGPT, simply add and send a message via WhatsApp or Telegram to (11) 97255-3036 to chat with LuzIA. No registration or registration is required.


Source: Tec Mundo

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