this Qualcomm officially launched the platform Snapdragon Spaces XRis dedicated to app and game developers who want to bet on augmented reality (AR). Developers from all over the world can now download it from the official page.

Snapdragon Spaces was introduced in November 2021 and can be used in both open, horizontal and cross-device – that is, it allows the integration of various devices based on user information – for those who want to get into augmented reality (AR). In addition, Qualcomm Technologies plans to continue its investments. Extended Reality (RX)believes it’s a big boost to the metaverse.

By downloading the tool, you now have access to essential tools for creating 3D apps that connect with AR glasses and add AR elements to 2D Android experiences. It is also possible to buy a hardware development kit targeted AR experiences on commercial hardware.

According to Javier Davalos, XR industry leader at Overlay, Snapdragon Spaces allows you to extend augmented reality apps to more consumers and platforms using more accessible and “easy-to-use” tools.

The first devices to support Snapdragon Spaces are now available in the hardware development kit and include: smart glasses Lenovo ThinkReality A3 connected to smartphone Motorola Edge+, giving creators the opportunity to explore the Qualcomm platform. Other partner brands mentioned on the official website are Epic Games, Oppo, Xiaomi, Niantic and Unity.

Snapdragon Spaces XR Hardware Development Kit can be ordered at

Source: Tec Mundo

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