Video shows Israeli Iron Dome intercepting rocket fire near Gaza

As we progress War in the Gaza Strip between Israel and HamasOne of the security systems that has attracted the attention of the whole world is the so-called Iron Domea missile defense fortress ready to deflect and destroy missiles, shells and drones launched from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense states that Iron Dome is capable of countering multiple threats simultaneously with a success rate of up to 90%.

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This is despite the collapse it suffered on October 7 due to the large number of missiles fired at Israel. Hamas fired 3,200 missiles, potentially more than the system’s interceptors could handle.

How Israel’s Iron Dome works

It was developed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense System LTD with financial support from the United States. The system consists of three main components: a detection and tracking radar, a weapons command and control center and a missile launcher equipped with 20 Tamir missiles.

In May 2010, the White House approved a plan to provide $205 million for the Iron Dome, and in July 2012, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would provide $70 million for the project.

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“This program is critical to the safety and security of Israeli families,” Obama said of the system at the time. “This program was reviewed and prevented missile attacks on Israel.”

Reporter captures the moment Israel’s Iron Dome activates – Morning Express

The radar detects the trajectory of enemy projectiles and calculates whether they pose a threat to populated or strategic areas. In this case, the launcher fires a Tamir missile, which finds and neutralizes the projectile in the air. Iron Dome has a range of approximately 70 km and a success rate of up to 90%. The system has been used since 2011 to protect Israel from attacks from the Gaza Strip.

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“The radar detects the missile launch and transmits information about its trajectory to the control center, which calculates the expected point of impact,” the Israeli military said. “If the location requires an interception, a missile is launched to intercept the missile. “The interceptor missile payload explodes close to the missile, in a location not expected to cause injury.”

Each mobile system, known as a battery, consists of a target identification radar, a command and control system, and a man-portable missile launcher.

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