Megamarket analysts have recorded a doubling increase in online shopping with the onset of cold weather for two years in a row. According to the market, most often in the autumn-winter period Russians buy expensive equipment and household goods. RB.RU learned about the study.

Analysts told us which products are most profitable to sell on the markets in autumn and winter.

According to data from 2021 and 2022, the number of orders on Megamarket from September to February almost doubles compared to the spring-summer period.

With the arrival of cold weather, Russians often buy household appliances: smart speakers and game consoles, as well as cooking appliances, are in high demand.

The best-selling product during the autumn-winter period was the electric grill, a trend that is confirmed this year: in the first month of autumn, the electric grill was once again the most popular purchase among household appliances.

In terms of seasons, appliances maintain their primacy in autumn. In winter, when the holidays approach, smartphones take first place: their sales grow 2.1 times compared to autumn.

The amount of the average bill in the period from September to February is almost the same: February remains the month with the highest average bill. Analysts attribute this to a series of holidays: February 14 and 23, as well as sales of the rest of the winter assortment.

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Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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