The Content Fairness and Authentication (C2PA) Coalition introduced this symbol in collaboration with Adobe, Microsoft, and other companies. It can be added to images created by artificial intelligence using programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Bing Image Generator. Users can include Content Credentials in the metadata of images, videos, and PDFs; This shows that artificial intelligence plays a role in their creation. The badge is also attached to the file’s edit history, permanently marking the file as AI-generated content.

The Content Credentials badge provides transparency to users who created the image by showing them what AI software was used and the date the badge was issued.

Additionally, C2PA offers a “Verify” feature that allows users to upload images marked with the Content Credentials badge and view their full edit history. Although the symbol depends on users voluntarily adding it to content, experts say it represents a positive step in solving the challenges of AI-generated content.

Source: Ferra

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