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Frightening wasp with a giant head and distinct yellow body, it was discovered in the Peruvian Amazon and sucks the blood of its victims before eating them. Near Capitojoppa amazonica. Its generic name is a combination of the word “capito”, a reference to its large bulbous head; and “joke” because the newly discovered wasp looks like a member of the genus Joppa.

New species discovered in Alpahuayo Mishana National Reserve in PeruIt is distinguished by its parasitic nature, laying eggs inside its prey.

Brandon Claridgea biology doctoral student at the University of Utah, and his colleagues discovered the rare wasp species as part of a long-term research process.

The eggs of this wasp hatch inside the body of the victim, and the newly hatched larvae eat the host from the inside. These larvae continue to develop inside a hard protective shell or pupa inside the host’s corpse and emerge only after they have developed into adult wasps.

Image used with permission of the copyright holder

The wasp was discovered along with 109 other species in the Peruvian Amazon.

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