With iOS 17, Apple has placed a big emphasis on health features. Magazine “Amount of Sun per Day” and the most notable one called “Distance from Screen”, how close you brought the screen to your eyes.

The “iPhone screen may be too close” window appears – most often this happens when you watch a video while lying down or sitting in public transport. People with farsightedness are also especially often supported.

The smartphone and tablet use Face ID sensors to determine how far the display is from your face.

Although the eye protection feature is created too often, it may appear too often.

To disable it:

1. Open Settings
2. Go to Screen Time
3. Select Screen Distance
4. Turn off the only switch.

To use your eyes in other ways, turn down the brightness, turn up the font size, and wipe the screen.

Topic: I advise everyone to turn on this function on their iPhone, but I turned it off. And it got better

Source: Iphones RU

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