ACCEPT! CEO Julio Trajano stated that it is difficult to compete with companies that send products to Brazil but do not collect taxes correctly.. Responding in relation to Asian and predominantly Chinese brands, he argued that national retailers seek equal treatment in order to compete “fairly” in the market.

“We are fighting for equality. On our side we obey all the laws, we pay all the taxes and we play on four lines. What we hope is that they [empresas asiáticas] “Yes, they can act, but they must play under the same playing conditions as us,” he said. TecMundo During the Brazilian Game Show (BGS) 2023.

The executive argued that Brazilian retail is happy with moves to equalize the issue, such as with Remessa Compliance. Promising agility in delivery, the program requires foreign companies to properly collect 17% ICMS (on purchases up to $50) as well as 60% import duty (if the purchase is over $50).

“[O Remessa Conforme] It’s a start and I can see how we all do in retail, including IDV. [Instituto para Desenvolvimento do Varejo]We are also involved in this issue and can contribute [com debates e sugestões de novas regras]”.

Again on this subject Trajano says the challenge of competing with Shopee, AliExpress and others is huge. To act according to this scenario, announced KaBuM! invests in providing excellent customer service and the best possible product portfolio.

“We work with quality and 100% original products, so our average ticket is slightly higher than the $50 of more specific Chinese operations. “We also have the credibility of the brand as we have been around for 20 years and are part of Magalu, which has been operating for 67 years,” he said.

The best Black Friday in history

I took command of KaBuM! At the end of the first half of this year, Julio Trajano came from the sports industry (previously working at Netshoes) to work with games. He admits that dealing with this audience is quite complicated because people who normally like to play games have a lot of technical knowledge about the products.

Related to this is the tactic of serving those who come into the store knowing exactly what they want, video games, GPUs, keyboards, mice, etc. He emphasized that having a team of salespeople and consultants who know its features. “It’s great to work in this niche. And actually I don’t think they’re demanding, I think they’re conscious,” the CEO argued.

While KaBuM’s director talks about another challenge brought by the high Selic rate in the country (currently 12.75%)! He commented that it was necessary to “help” customers. In this sense, the online store offers interest financing plans and discount campaigns for cash payments at Pix.


“We make dreams come true. There are customers who dream of their first gaming chair, their first video game, a CPU. “I was around Gaules a while ago and he told me about it,” he said.

Julio Trajano, KaBuM! Stating that it started its Black Friday activities 5 months ago and that it has special preparations for the promotional period in 2023, the store claimed that this will be the store’s “biggest Black Friday of all time”, without giving details about the products that will be on sale.

“Everyone will find sensational things. “We work with suppliers from the USA and China who are very willing to work with us.”

Source: Tec Mundo

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