Xiaomi officially announced its new operating system (OS) HyperOS, Monday night (16). Despite a few details, the software should replace the already traditional MIUI interfaceIt has been distributed since 2010.

The company’s CEO, Lei Jun, announced the news in a post on X (formerly Twitter), stating that the software “marks a historical moment.” He also confirmed that HyperOS will make its debut in the Xiaomi 14 mobile phone series, which is expected to be introduced later this month.

Although the CEO did not confirm global availability and only responded to one user to “stay tuned”, Xiaomi’s global vice president Alvin Tse said: HyperOS will be released worldwide “sometime in 2024”.

Tse also says that HyperOS has been “completely rewritten on a new architecture” and will gradually replace MIUI. In this case, we still have the possibility of seeing some mobile phone lines using the old system, as well as some models that may not be compatible with the update.

“[O HyperOS] It will come pre-installed on the Xiaomi 14 flagship series and will gradually replace MIUI. I look forward to this new era of Hyper Performance, fluidity and connectivity between smartphones and AIoT,” Tse said in a post on the social network.

HyperOS will be based on Android

In development since 2017 HyperOS should be responsible for the integration of multiple devices from Xiaomi. The system is likely to be used in these products as well as mobile phones and tablets.

Jun also stated that the software will retain its roots in Android, but did not release any images of the new system. In responses to the admin’s posts, users asked about new features and interface changes, but such details are still confidential.

MIUI was the company’s first product. The interface was launched in Android 2.2 (Froyo) and already brought a number of customizations and extra features compared to “pure Android”. In 2011, the company released the Xiaomi Mi 1, the company’s first mobile phone.

Source: Tec Mundo

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