On the occasion of the Japan Mobility Exhibition, Suzuki introduced the concept of a new type of transport. This is the beginning of the application of MOQBA. The acronym refers to “modular four-dimensional architecture”. So, this is a robot that is self-sufficient in moving and balancing in space, using various limb designs.

And the current MOQBA branch is considered necessary, so this is not necessary. stable transit. This is necessary to ensure that the passenger does not turn on the tendency to stay in place in a safe position. The limbs of the machine are equipped with wheels to move on a flat surface, but they do not have three degrees of freedom to maintain uneven surfaces.

Suzuki MOKBA

The maximum speed of MOQBA is 32 km/h, the distance between two combat missiles is less than 80 km. On the other hand, it is necessary to transfer it into one cell without using mass. However, this system is completely unimportant. This makes it possible to transport light-duty vehicles – in this case, in a recumbent position.

MOQBA has launched on the platform and is now available for commercial use. This is the latest transport system. The quality market has a higher probability than the Japanese one, but is not growing in medical institutions. However, this is a problem with the nature of various parts of the Suzuki chassis.

Suzuki MOKBA

Source: Tech Cult

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