Maksut Shadayev, head of the Ministry of Digital Development, expressed the opinion that it is necessary to maintain the volume of parallel imports of servers and data storage systems in Russia, but to reduce the possibility of illegal decreases in prices of foreign equipment. He emphasized that it is important to maintain parallel imports, but price reductions for foreign equipment should be limited. These statements were made by the minister at the AQ PRO.TIME conference.

Shadayev also emphasized that the situation in the supply of “heavy” equipment such as servers and data storage systems has improved. He noted that Russian companies currently control more than 50 percent of this market. However, many foreign sellers, including those from friendly countries, began to actively apply price reductions.

The minister also noted that there are three unresolved issues: the production of laptops, tablets and base stations. At the same time, he expressed confidence in ambitious plans and that the state could become the main customer, noting that this would help create a critical mass of users and raise the Russian Aurora operating system to a new level. Shadayev also emphasized that large contracts have already been signed for base stations, which creates an area of ​​competition.

It was previously stated that the Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade are discussing the possibility of banning parallel imports of heavy computer equipment from unfriendly countries where there are competitive Russian analogues.

Source: Ferra

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