Russian Minister of Digital Development and Communications Maksut Shadayev announced plans to introduce a recycling fee for foreign IT equipment with Russian analogues. This innovation aims to support domestic producers and prevent unfair price competition. A recycling fee will be charged to those who import foreign equipment, and the funds collected in this way will be used to finance Russian production.

The minister noted that it is not possible to reduce prices of Russian products as they depend on several factors, including logistics and components. However, it is possible to increase the prices of foreign equipment through a recycling fee and use these funds to support Russian manufacturers. This measure is similar to that already implemented in the automotive industry.

In 2022, Russian computer manufacturers expressed a demand to limit the import of laptops from Dell, HP, Acer and MSI as part of parallel imports and proposed the introduction of a 20% refund on the purchase of domestic mobile devices. It is currently being considered to impose restrictions on parallel imports for more than 20 foreign brands. However, some Russian companies have already moved production abroad or are planning to do so; this affects approximately 10% of Russian electronics and telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

Source: Ferra

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