Last year, Huawei introduced the Pocket S, its first attempt at an entry-level flip phone and a more affordable alternative to the P50 Pocket. These phones, which have a unique design with two large round parts on the cover, one of which serves as a camera bumper and the other has a 1.04-inch round diagonal screen, were first produced specifically in China.

While foldable phones have begun to gain consumer attention, they still represent a small portion of the broader smartphone market. But industry analysts are predicting significant growth in the foldable phone market: IDC predicts global foldable phone shipments will be 21.4 million in 2023; This represents a 50% increase compared to 2022. It is estimated that the share of foldable phones will be 3.5% by 2027. This corresponds to more than 48 million deliveries.

Source: Ferra

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