This Tuesday (24) during Lenovo Tech World 23, Motorola announces new adaptable display concept that can shape itself to different positions. Besides, introduced MotoAI, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based personal assistant for mobile phones and computers.

Motorola’s new adaptive display concept has more advanced mechanics than we currently have in foldable handsets like the Razr series. It can be “wrapped” around the wrist or even folded down to allow contents in the upper area to be displayed (e.g. on some kind of support).

The 6.9-inch pOLED screen exhibited by the company has Full HD + resolution. The company also reveals that it can be adjusted for use with 4.6″ when in “stand” mode, for example.

Since it’s a concept, no exact date has been announced yet for the launch of Motorola’s adaptive display.

More AI on mobile phones and PCs

During the presentation, developments in the field of artificial intelligence for the company’s products were also presented. Claiming that this is a concept, the company claims to have developed “a generative AI model that runs natively on the device, allowing users to extend their personal style to their mobile phone.”

The example given by the company will allow the user to upload an image, and from there the system will be able to create images that “reflect their style” using artificial intelligence. The images thus created can be used, for example, as wallpaper.

MotoAI is a personal assistant that will work on both mobile phones and computers. The artificial intelligence model, which is still under development, needs to work separately for each user. It can be used for voice or text interaction.

“The MotoAI concept is an innovative approach that responds to the latest trends in artificial intelligence with large language models (LLMs),” the company said in a statement. The proposal is to perform exactly these operations directly from the devices.can provide greater privacy.

Motorola IA

The company claims that the personal assistant will learn from use over time, making the experience more dynamic. Other Motorola AI features announced today include:

  • Better document scanning, improving image quality;

  • Summary of emails, conversations and reports using AI;

  • Blur relevant and personal information in social media images.

Source: Tec Mundo

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