NVIDIA, Samsung and AMD plan to release Arm processors for computers. new component Designed to run WindowsIt intensifies the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. Information taken from: Reuters.

Two people familiar with the subject told Reuters That NVIDIA is designing new CPUs with Arm architecture. Other sources also announced to the site that AMD is also preparing hardware with the same structure.

Website on the other side hankyung He states that Samsung will not be left behind. The company will follow the movement of the competition and it is also preparing the Arm processor to equip computers.

According to this ReutersFirst NVIDIA and AMD processors with Arm architecture It will be put into service in 2025. However, there is no concrete information on the subject. As for Samsung; There is no prediction that it will be published.

Qualcomm enters the race

Qualcomm has also already announced plans to compete in the PC CPU market. The company’s representative will be Snapdragon X Elite, a new processor focused on artificial intelligence (AI).

What is the advantage of Arm CPUs?

Arm architecture is known to provide good performance but lower energy demand and better end management. Laptops with CPUs equipped with such hardware tends to have better battery life.

Additionally, another advantage of this architecture over traditional x86 CPUs is that it can integrate higher-performance CPU cores and establish a better relationship with main memory.

Source: Tec Mundo

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