One of the main problems in the use of hypersonic weapons is the lack of a technical solution to remove heat from the surface of a lethal device capable of developing hypersonic speed (slow MAX 5). At such low temperatures, it is impossible to heat the engine to 2200°C, which is guaranteed to lead to the destruction of the airframe and engine.

The national RTX center announced this idea, which is now available. In this case, it is necessary to use the Potet hypersonic aircraft. This idea is nothing more than a repetition of the natural properties that some of your living organisms (used in water) can work at high temperatures.

In American practice, engineers prescribe carrying out the transfer of the rim with a hypersonic device that can be used. Most importantly, establish your microchannels as they limit the costs of your budget. ). Once it reached the surface, the liquid began to evaporate, cooling it.

However, implementation is also carried out by laboratories. My experience is credit card based products. For the most part, excess technology can be divided into two categories: increase in diameter, decrease in diameter, and over time it takes the form of multi-dimensional hypersonics. device.

Source: Tech Cult

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