After the district governor’s decision to extend the restriction to the accompanying male, motorcycle until 31 December; The cyclists union announced that the city’s streets would be towed to show that they did not agree with the cyclists’ determination. Town hallaccording to them, it violates their rights and stigmatizes them.

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That’s why today, on Thursday, July 7, at 11:00 am, a march started in front of the Virgilio Barco Library. He said it was not effective and harmed them.

“What the mayor did is not a crime, it’s a ban on transportation. Because the criminal will get off the motorcycle, ride the public transport, bike, skateboard or whatever, but he will not stop committing crimes, either. one of the guild leaders said.

17:50: The bikers guild disbands and ends the show. In the NQS street corridor, mobility begins to flow normally.

17:00: The protesters’ group is located on Calle 57A with NQS, near the El Campín stadium. According to Mobility, the capacity is approximately 200 people and there is no road problem.

16:20: A group of motorcyclists continue their south-north ride along Calle 60 at NQS. The total blockage of the mixed path is created.

15:25: Currently, demonstrators are reassuming the route east on Carrera 33 and Calle 26. There is no interference in the TransMilenio pathway.

15:00: Protesters held a sit-in at Carrera 52 and Calle 26 in front of the Bogota Security Secretariat facilities.

13:55: Both groups of motorcyclists meet at 93rd Street and Mutis Street.

13:27: A show that started with Carrera 60 on Calle 63 was split into two groups:

Group 1: Currently moving west with Carrera 96 ​​on Calle 63, impacting the mixed road that seats about 300 people.

Group 2: Currently on the move with Av on Calle 26. The mixed road to the west of Çalı has a capacity of approximately 300 people.

11:10: Hunting. A new show has started with Villavicencio at Autosur. Currently in NQS, with Calle 26 to the north, two lanes of the mixed road have been affected and have a capacity of about 1,000 people.

10:48 The show runs in a South-North direction along NQS street along with Las Américas street and affects two lanes of the mixed road.

9:54 in the morning The show reaches Calle 22 via Carrera 27. Officials accompany the venue.

9:20 am The show runs along 22nd Street and NQS Avenue in a South-North direction and affects two lanes of the mixed road.

08:45: About 50 motorcyclists drive along the Southern highway in the Venice area. They will take the NQS and then arrive at the Virgilio Barco library.

08:15: At Autosur, Av. The show started with Villavicencio, currently moving on the Southern Highway with Av Boyacá, the slow lane of the mixed road affects the clock, capacity of about 100 people, support from existing strength, ESMAD pass, coexistence managers and mobility units.

07:40: There are currently 420 picamin groups at the roundabout point of Villavicencio and the Southern Highway, there are currently no blockades of around 40 cyclists. The teams in the field communicate with the leaders and report the route of the caravan.

7:20 am: Mebeg’s operations commander pointed out that the police organized attention points throughout the city to accompany the demonstrations of motorcyclists. This is aimed not to affect the mobility of citizens as much as possible and to ensure the right to protest,” he said.

06:55: The mobilization along Avenida Villavicencio is proceeding without traumatizing the mobility. “The mayor’s request is direct. We don’t want restrictions, it’s not about whether we want extensions, we don’t want restrictions, period,” said the motorcyclist.

Management says the mean has been maintained and accompanies the union’s right to protest.

06:30: The first show was concentrated at the height of Villavicencio Avenue with the city of Cali. The rider’s leader confirms that they will be moving along the south coast of the city and that around 400 motorcycle rider capacity is expected at this show.


Source: Exame

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