A group of engineers from the University of Manchester, passionate about the ideas of the creators. I didn’t even have a large drone in sight, I didn’t even finish my shot, but also try not to interfere with this UK drone legislation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus provides supports for drones without half an hour, if their take-off weight does not increase above 25 kilograms. However, this is the norm, the commander of the drone planned for 24.5 kilograms, the width of which reached a whopping 6.4 meters.

The construction took 5 million meters of foam plastic. The detail is very high in terms of laser cutting and all the components are glued together. The skeletons were covered with cardboard. In the end, we had to compromise on the optimality, weight and dimensions of the device. At the same time, engineers separated 4 compact electric motors, battery packs and the unit and system elements.

Proof of the project’s viability was the successful flight of this giant drone in one of the islands’ hangars. Construction has been completed in the near future, there is no further need. My track record is bad, today they managed to develop eVTOL-Ele aircraft that are larger than the record-breaking drones. No, no, the wind is expected to be force 4, not the highest value.

Source: Tech Cult

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