Millonarios won the Apertura-2023 Colombian football tournament this Saturday, beating Atlético Nacional. 3-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw on aggregate in the final.

Veteran purslane offensive player Jefferson Duque led the score in the 31st minute after a tough counterattack. And in the 70th minute, when the stands of El Campín stadium in Bogotá started to strain the stands, Albiazul youth team Andrés Llinás turned the equalizer and forced the penalties.

In the 12-step description, Milonarios goalkeeper Álvaro Montero blocked the shots from Jarlan Barrera and Cristian Zapata to give the team from the capital the title.

After the stadium was filled with enthusiasm for the Millionaires title, something very outrageous happened on the outskirts of El Campín: CityTv reporter Mayra Tenorio from EL TIEMPO Publishing House was the victim of a robbery by a Millonarios fan.

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In the news of the Colombian football final, the young CityTv reporter was tasked with getting minute-by-minute reactions after the match.

AND, In the midst of his job as a journalist, a man wearing a Millionaire t-shirt stole his cell phone.

(In detail: ‘I don’t feel safe anymore’: journalist robbed by Millonarios fan speaks out).

In the video of the outrageous moment, Tenorio is seen spotting the theft with carrera 30 to broadcast live from the entrance of El Campín on calle 57.

The reporter became aware of the theft as his headphones were connected to his cell phone in return for his professional work.

“I couldn’t see it when the circle got bigger. In fact, I couldn’t see who had taken my cell phone. I had already complained”He talked about Mayra Tenorio.

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“We have no right for these things to happen to us while we are doing our job, we are with you”CityTv reporter Estefanía Maldonado, who shared the video of the unfortunate event, refused.

Since then, dozens of reporters from this and other publishing houses in the country have voiced their refusal.

“Even working in Bogotá is “to give to the pope”. Such a society is not possible”lamented Maria Fernanda Díaz Granados of the CityTv information service.

“It’s not right at all! And how sad because these are the behaviors that tarnished a big celebratory party. Overall the behavior was good, unfortunately few people overshadowed what thousands of followers reflected that day with respect and education,” Pablo said. Arango by Noticias Caracol.

EL TIEMPO condemns what happened and rejects any action that puts the journalistic profession at risk in Colombia.


Source: Exame

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