Instagram is testing a new feature function that can display Stories published by people and companies close to the user. Dubbed “Nearby,” the tool was spotted by app developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared his discovery on Tuesday (24) via X (Twitter).

As seen in the screenshot, the new feed, which can also be called “Nearby” or “Nearby,” appears next to temporary content shared by people you follow. User can access public posts on nearby profiles by tapping the icon.

The new feature, which works based on the user’s location, can be very useful, especially for commercial accounts. Through, companies will have one more option to expose themselves to potential customersfor example, announcing special offers for those in a particular region.

There is no official information about this issue yet Instagram feed containing Stories from companies and people in the same area. Therefore, we do not know whether the feature will be exclusive to business profiles or available to everyone, which will require reviewing the privacy settings if the user does not want to share their posts.

Inspiration comes from China

Instagram’s Nearby function Seems like Inspired by a similar mechanism found on DouyinThe version of TikTok used in China. As the website highlights SocialMediaTodayThe Chinese market-based social network shows users an “Upcoming” post on its home screen.

Thanks to the resource, companies can create interaction and get closer to consumers, which leads to increased sales, especially in the field of food distribution. It is speculated that the same functionality may soon come to TikTok to increase commerce on the app..

Now, There’s no prediction for the start of streaming content from nearby Instagram users in the stable version of the social network.

Source: Tec Mundo

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