Minibar is a device known for its practicality and convenience. he is a Effective solution for keeping drinks and food cold in small roomsLike bedrooms, kitchenettes and offices.

A. Consul is a brand known for its excellence in home appliances and its mini bars are no exception. With years of experience, The brand offers models that meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.

If you are interested in a minibar and want to buy from a reliable brand, check out Consul’s 3 options:

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Simple and functional, it has 8 places for cans, a multi-purpose drawer, removable shelves, an extra cold compartment and a freezer.

With a capacity of 117 liters, the CRC12CB model is the perfect choice for those who need additional space to store a variety of chilled drinks and food. Spacious design Allows you to accommodate larger bottles, cans, snacks and moreIdeal for parties, family gatherings or just everyday use.

Device Equipped with adjustable shelves that make organizing and accessing items easier. It also has a fruit and vegetable drawer, ensuring that healthy options are always on hand.

Image: Consul Minibar 76 Liters, CRC08
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The Consul CRC08 minibar has a capacity of 76 litres, making it a great option for those needing medium to large storage space. Rely on can holders, rapid cooling and much more!

This other model, with a capacity of 76 liters, is compact and versatile and is suitable for smaller spaces such as bedrooms, offices or entertainment areas. Despite its compact size, it offers great space for storing drinks and snacks.

this model There is a freezer compartmentThis makes it even more versatile and allows storing frozen foods such as ice cream and pre-prepared meals.

With its low energy consumption, CRC08 is an economical and efficient choice for keeping your drinks cold.

Image: Consul Retrô Minibar 76 Liters, Special Edition
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The Retrô Consul 76-litre Minibar is a celebration of the brand’s 73rd anniversary. Like the Consul product, it has a modern and 1950s-inspired design with modular compartments, a multi-purpose drawer and temperature control.

For those who want to add a stylish touch to their decor, this retro mini bar is an ideal choice. It combines functionality and aesthetics with its 76 liter capacity and fascinating appearance inspired by the past years.

The model offers a nostalgic touch as well as the expected usefulness with its adjustable shelves and freezer compartment. It makes a stylish addition to any space with its vibrant colors and chrome plating.

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