Telegram has released another big update.

This time it affected system responses, links and the design of user names. Some functions are available only to Premium users.

What’s new?

1. Now you can quote part of the message. Just select the desired fragment and write it down CITIROWATH. The same fragment can be sent to another chat.

2. Quotes in mail. Now you can select a fragment of sent text into video quotes.

3. Customizable links. Their appearance can be changed. For example, move the previous version to or below this link.

4. Auxiliary menu. An additional context menu that is available when the user replies to messages, forwards them, or attaches links.

5. Personalized colors and emojis. In the messenger, you can change the color of your name and add some emoticons to your messages. Available to Premium users.

6. Stories improvements. They can now be rewinded, as well as adjust the flash for selfies.

Updates are free and available to all users.

Source: Iphones RU

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