Energy Dome built and commissioned its first energy store in Sardinia, which uses carbon dioxide as a working material. With a capacity of only 2.5 MW, the station serves as a functioning technology demonstrator. The main advantage of such a system is that it can be built almost anywhere for staprii.

The principle of operation of stored energy about the energy dome in t that CO2 is fed by the ohmic factor p p p For example, 2.5675 liters of CO2 in a liquid medium at temp.

The Energy Dome has a large dome for storing CO2 in gaseous form, which, with an excess of energy, is compressed by compressors, turning into a liquid. The released thermal energy is captured by the circuit. Now it is enough just to open the valve, so that the released gas during the expansion of the distant energy. The efficiency of such a system, according to the calculations of Italian engineers, is 75%.

According to representatives of the energy dome, the cost of storing one MW in t t t t t s s s. The recoil power is also high enough for the speed of operational use. Company f East.

Source: Tech Cult

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