For several years now I have been considering various monitors for specific tasks: from simple office monitors to full-fledged slots.

The Hiper brand has already established itself in the market of high quality at a relatively low price. And today I received a simple but high-quality HIPER EasyView SB2707 monitor for review.

It is easy to use for everyone and is inexpensive. In order not to drag out a long introduction, now we’ll talk about everything. I really can’t wait anymore. And having learned its cost, you definitely consider yourself like that.

They greet you by their clothes. What’s included and what’s included in delivery?

It’s nice when manufacturers think about their customers. Here, already at the top of the manufacture there is a special carrying handle – nothing special, but the attention to detail is simply pleasing.

The box contains the main support, to which the vertical rod is attached. It is painted black and made from impact. Also included in the kit are a thumb-mount and documentation, in addition to the monitor itself. Of course, there is a power cable and one HDMI 2.0 cable 1.8 m long.

In general, a Spartan set, but nothing more is required. This is a monitor, some kind of ultra-advanced device.

I’ll say right away – V-shaped stand top. She’s light. This was a little confusing: at first I was afraid of the stability, but after assembly I realized that I was mistaken.

It comes together in a few seconds. You don’t even need a screwdriver here. All elements are included in each other and securely fixed.

The accessory offers a wide range of height and tilt adjustments. You can rotate the screen to a vertical position by 90 degrees.

There is also a special recess for folding the device into the monitor.

The monitor is easily inserted into the stand using two slots and a spring-loaded latch. There is no need to screw anything. Convenient, practical.

The only negative that I noticed during testing: traces of the stand may remain on the table from use. So it’s better either not to move it at all, or to place something horizontally and lift it up when moving.

Strict design without excess

Partially, the appearance of the new product cannot be distinguished in any way. This is a standard rectangular thin box with a screen. Quite a simple design, but, for example, perfect for placement in an office.

The body is made of normal plastic, who “doesn’t like Chinese things.” The frames are thin, they do not interfere with operation. The device itself is well made, nothing is loose or fastened anywhere.

There are four connectors on the rear panel: HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and a power port.

Via HDMI, not only the image is output, but also sound. Well, that’s true unless you have a dedicated speaker. The sound is normal, not hoarse or rich in bass, but pleasant to listen to. There is no need to expect anything special here for the entry-level price segment. The speakers are located approximately symmetrically.

In general, it looks nice in appearance and fits into any interior.

The dimensions of the case are 615 x 360 x 74, the monitor weighs 5.75 kg including delivery. Especially does not require much space.

On the right back there is a joystick for controlling the remote control in the monitor settings menu. These are also the power keys.


Speaking of security. There is support for AMD FreeSync synchronization technology for gamers. Screen refresh rate up to 75 Hz.

But about these and other features below.

This is not a simple IPS screen

I like to customize my new monitors for myself, adjusting some subtleties for the best, in my opinion, color rendition. But here I didn’t even want to do this, and not because of the clumsy settings (I also have a struggle with it, simply because that’s how it is here) everything is made to perfection straight from the factory.

So. The monitor is built on a 27-inch display with Full HD resolution. Some will say that this is not enough in 2023; now 4K is dominant. I don’t agree. Firstly, you simply won’t find such a resolution in inexpensive monitors (or it will be some kind of non-native garbage). Secondly, for such resolution you need really powerful hardware.

The matrix operates in 6-bit + HF-FRC mode and provides decent color saturation. Already by default it sets sRGB.


In fact, the color rendition is close to the reference one, but by default it is more blue. Fortunately, this moment can be adjusted manually, and then the situation will become better.

Built-in sRGB falls short of the 6500K benchmark. At the factory, the flower temperature reaches 7000K, which is higher than normal, and this is not very good. By calibrating you can get a little closer to the ideal, but still don’t expect true colors. However, for a budget monitor this is not so important, since it is not created for content makers, where every pixel matters.

The situation doesn’t get much better with the colored triangle.

Normally there is a small light in the right corner and in the upper left corners, which is clearly visible from below when illuminated (in the dark it generally glows in the eyes).

Opening the screen matte, which allows you to comfortably use it without glare from external light sources or near a window when the sun is shining. During normal times of day, use the monitor comfortably.

The maximum brightness is 230 cd/m² (although in my tests it was even a little higher), the contrast is 700:1. In general, it is ok for working with the phone. I am glad that the monitor is not buried in blue, as is often the case with inexpensive and inexpensive products.

IPS matrix built using ADSDS technology (conductive material indium tin oxide as the top electrode). It is both a control layer and a protective glass. In other words, it provides greater light transmission and resistance to physical influences.

Thanks to India tin oxide, peak brightness is increased by 15-20% and color rendition is improved.

Here are the main differences between ADS and standard IPS:

• too broad views
• improved color rendering
• resistance to mechanical stress
• high speed of processing objects in motion

Initially, ADS matrices were used in commercial video cards operating outdoors due to their high contrast and good color rendition. However, then it had to be transferred to consumer devices.

Returning to the technical features, I will again note the increased frequency of updates. up to 75 Hz, the response is small – 4 ms. Of course, this is not the level of eSports, but the monitor is not intended for it. This is more of a home or office option, a small plus for gamers. This makes the picture look a little smoother and more natural, which is nice.

And because there is support here AMD FreeSync, then you shouldn’t be afraid of FPS drops or tearing. Technology skillfully compensates for this.

Viewing angles are decent, colors are not distorted, even if you look at the screen from the side. The black color here is also normal, it does not fade into a strong gray color, as often happens. Not OLED, of course, but still good.

Of course, not a single technique can do without its drawbacks. Monitor backlight not uniform everywhere. It’s best to have problem areas in the corners (nothing critical for office use), but there may be a slight pinkish tint when viewed at an angle.

Well, the display settings raise questions for me. Like other inexpensive monitors, they are painted in acidic, also pixelated colors. In order to independently set up the parameters for yourself, they are clear, they include a choice of operating mode, adjustment of brightness and contrast, components R, G and B, as well as a choice of video input (in case someone doesn’t support HDMI now).

In general, a good monitor for pennies

Now the market is full of nonames that may not even have guarantees. Hiper has been around for a long time and is a reliable brand that offers good solutions at a low price.

The company has been operating in the b2b segment of the market for a long time. It produces all-in-one PCs, monitors, mini-PCs, laptops and server platforms primarily for business customers.

Hiper EasyView SB2707 costs 15,990 rubles in Russia.

For that kind of money, it’s difficult to find a trusted brand that also has a good mood “out of the box” that just works and you enjoy. And since Hiper operates in Russia, all its products have an official guarantee. Technical support is always available to customers; the company has its own offices in Russia. Accordingly, all spare parts and devices are always in stock.

This is a great option for home or office use. I recommend it to everyone, you won’t regret it.

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Source: Iphones RU

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