In November 2023, a number of new laws came into force in Russia: the mechanism for extrajudicial bankruptcy procedures is expanded, and it is possible to provide state support to small high-tech companies. Let’s talk about the main thing.

Expansion of extrajudicial bankruptcy procedures and state support for technology companies: November innovations

  • started to act fines for imposing additional goods, works and services on consumers (the maximum amount of the fine is up to 40 thousand rubles). Liability has also been introduced for an unreasonable refusal to consider a consumer’s request associated with a violation of his rights (the maximum fine is up to 300 thousand rubles).
  • Since November 3 It will be possible to declare bankruptcy out of court if you have a debt of 25 thousand to 1 million rubles.. Previously, such an application could be submitted with a debt of 50 thousand rubles and the maximum total amount of obligations was 500 thousand rubles.
  • In the legislation consolidated the concepts of “innovative technologies”, “technology company”, “small technology company”. This will allow government support to be provided to small high-tech companies.
  • November 29 is the deadline for Management organizations, homeowners’ associations, housing cooperatives and residential complexes must adapt their charter and management agreements to the new law on the maintenance of gas equipment.. Both the internal gas networks and those internal to the apartments will be served by a single organization: the gas distribution company.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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