The founder and former CEO of the Mango insurance company and the Vietnamese search engine Coc Coc, Viktor Lavrenko, decided to make venture investments. His company, Tryvesting VC, is willing to fund technology startups in amounts ranging from $250,000 to $1 million, subject to following the investor’s instructions, including how to spend the funds.

“Discover the mask in you”: the former CEO of the Mango insurance company, Viktor Lavrenko, dedicated himself to investing in venture capital

Tryvesting VC is based in the US. The company’s website encourages managers and entrepreneurs to “discover Elon Musk in themselves.” Transactions will be carried out in jurisdictions convenient for startups and partners, Viktor Lavrenko told Forbes.

For its part, Tryvesting VC expects a 20% future return on its investments. “For example, an investor invested $1 million and got back $11 million. The profit is $10 million, of which 20% is $2 million,” he said.

The investor starts a new project amid existing disagreements with the directors and founders of Coc Coc. According to analysts, now is a very good time for venture investments, as valuations of emerging companies have fallen significantly against the backdrop of rising interest rates by central banks.

  • In 2012, Viktor Lavrenko and Vladimir Chernyshev launched the Coc Coc search engine. It took about two years and about $15 million in investments to launch the project. The money was mainly used to purchase the necessary equipment and relocate Russian programmers. Lavrenko left the project in 2017.


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Source: RB

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