The journal BioScience published a 15-page, 161-page paper. In fact, the situation predisposes to catastrophic climatic conditions. By 2100, it will hardly be suitable for human life; essential resources – water and food – will run out.

In 2023 they are expected to be unique due to the poor climatic conditions, these records and their negative nature. Climate change trends such as these are becoming new normals that do not bode well for humanity. In particular, it is worth waiting for the intensification of fires, increasing periods of unbearable heat, total drought and the use of forest water sources.

Following degradation, systemic declines occur and will overtake the socio-economic sphere. It’s only a matter of time before humanity has more than the planet can give them. Life as such, including people, has not disappeared. On a similar basis, it is adapted to new Russian languages, such as Vesti, including the loss of civilization.

The use of urgently the onset of disasters by reducing the risk of anthropogenic climate and humidity factors or for people of new technologies and knowledge to overcome negative consequences. Don’t look at them and focus on the blood gloomy.

Source: Tech Cult

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