The WhatsApp update allows users to send photos and videos via messenger while preserving their original quality. This feature transfers files as documents, preserving their original size.

For now, this function is available to a limited number of users. It arrived with TestFlight beta program update version It was already possible to send photos and videos as documents, but the new feature makes this faster.

No need to browse internal storage anymore; This makes sending these files easier, especially for iOS users, since it’s not that complicated to do so on Android devices. The user selects photos and videos directly from the gallery and it is possible to share documents up to 2 GB..

As with all messaging updates, WhatsApp will roll out this feature to more users in the coming weeks.

How to send photos and videos as documents on WhatsApp:

1. First you need to update the messenger to the latest version. Currently, not all users will get this feature. Some will have to wait a while;

2. Open WhatsApp, go to the chat where you want to send the photo or video;

3. Click the “+” symbol in the lower left corner of the screen on iOS devices or on the clip on Android;

4. Select “Documents”;

5. Messenger will ask whether you want to “Select from files” or “Select photo or video”;

6. Choose the second option, select the file and send it.

It is important to remember this just like when files are sent as media, the photo or video will arrive in the call without a preview.

Source: Tec Mundo

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