Sierra Space has unveiled the first Dream Chaser series spaceplane for delivering trucks to low orbits. It will undergo environmental testing in the coming weeks. The last Dream Chaser will be named in 2024 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florey.

The Space Convention was released in 2004. Because this is a very important project, it was very useful for the real life idea. It was not planned to use this “cell” for reconfiguration.

The company’s engineers began to use cosmology, they began to use industrial technology. The project is currently funded by NASA and is currently scheduled to be delivered in just a few weeks. It is assumed that in the future Dream Chaser may be supplied to foreign companies.

The main release of Dream Chaser is here, the beginning of the game. The ship is not under construction, so engineers work on it in the same way as propane and nitrous oxide. Before exposure to the atmosphere or the occurrence of high temperatures, the slabs must be coated with silica. The developers made sure that the acceleration during landing did not exceed 1.5 G, which makes it possible to transport large loads. Each shuttle has a resource of at least 15 miss.

Source: Tech Cult

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