The new product, which has a starting price of 1299 yuan (about 17 thousand rubles), is already available for pre-order and promises to be a reliable protector of your home.

The device is equipped with the latest generation of silent automatic locking and direct insertion of the C-level lock core. It provides comfortable and flexible use by supporting multiple unlocking methods such as fingerprint, password, NFC and Bluetooth.

Additionally, the lock features a six-stage security system with multiple security technologies, making it a reliable barrier against unwanted access.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 2 also supports dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols, allowing owners to remotely control access to the home via the Mi Home app.

Additional features include an electronic doorbell and the ability to integrate with 35 smart home scenarios. However, the lock can operate for up to a year without recharging and comes with a three-year warranty.

Source: Ferra

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