Windows 11 It came like a storm. The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system has been available since October last year, and millions of users have decided to take this step. Normal, considering all the innovations that the Redmond-based giant’s new interface has to offer.

Also, if you knowBest tricks for Windows 11 you can get more out of it than ever before. For example, we’ve given you some tips on how to save battery life on your laptop, save time by hiding windows in a very simple way, or give your desktop a different look.

How to delete temporary files with one click

And today we want to show you a very simple trick that will save you space on your computer. How? Deleting all temporary files from Windows 11 with one click. It should be noted that these files are mainly used to reduce loading times while browsing the Internet, so they are not important files. That’s where the name comes from, as the operating system removes them from time to time.

Saying that it is one of the best ways to free up space on your Windows 11 computer without any hassle. Also, have peace of mind that no files are required. The only thing you have to consider is that the files you download are included, so be sure not to select this option if you want them to be kept on your computer.

Steps to follow

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Temporary files in Windows 11

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Temporary files in Windows 11 own composition

As mentioned, The process is extremely simple, because you just need to go to Windows Settings. To do this, press the Start button and press the gear symbol or type “Windows Settings” in the search bar.

Within this option, You must select Storage and click on Temporary files.. Once you enter this interface, you will be able to see that the files are separated into your downloads, Windows updates, thumbnails, temporary Internet files… Just select and click the ones you want to delete permanently. Remove Files button.

As we mentioned, the process is extremely simple and will take no more than a few seconds. And in the image accompanying these lines, seeing that the total weight of the temporary files exceeds 60 GB, the truth is, It’s not a bad idea to check if your computer is taking up too much space unnecessarily.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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