One of the most successful (even international) Spanish dramas of recent times on the video platform Netflix Paper is the house. Well, to take advantage of the shooting that preserves its history and characters, the company decided to release a game based on its history.

Development is released mobile devices, so you can enjoy it anywhere, and its requirements are not particularly high. So, with a mid-range model, you can fully enjoy this creation that allows you to put yourself in the shoes of one of the members of the group led by the well-known Professor – but without changing any of them, yes -.

The story of this game from Netflix, which is already part of the gaming industry, is to help an acquaintance of the gang leader. The beat to be given is a steal casino in Monaco, is one of the most money-moving places in the Principality and you will need to enlist the help of some well-known members of the gang who have their own abilities that will be required to complete the heist. is being stopped. In other words, La casa de papel keeps its spirit.

Netflix game footage


A few more things about this Netfli gamex

The game is an action story where you have to combine exploring locations and accessories and, of course, performing actions that allow you to overcome no less difficulties. So, for example, you can unlock the doors; kill annoying enemies; you will even have to decipher what is required to open the safes in the casino. Therefore, fun is guaranteed, as there are even small mini-games inside.

With eye-catching cel-shaded graphics and easy phone control as everything is done on the touchscreen, the game offers compatibility with practice. all cell phones existing in the market (with both power and OS).

The interface of the Netflix game La Casa de Papel


Therefore, if you are one of those who enjoy watching all the seasons of La casa de papel – which is a normal thing because the series is so good – Netflix keeps you going. enjoy your characters. But now in game form. Also, with this launch, the company shows that its entry into the video game segment is serious and strong.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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