Reddit user from the UK theEdmard told an unusual story about buying an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

He ordered an iPhone 15 Pro Max on the Apple website and received the package from DPD on November 11. Opening the shipping box, he discovered a box for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which did not arouse suspicion.

But this box contained a Chinese copy of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This became immediately clear, because the smartphone has a chin, an IPS screen is installed instead of an OLED screen, and a film from another phone is glued to the display.

The smartphone runs on Android, which is disguised as iOS. According to the buyer, this was done very carelessly; the system constantly produces errors.

TikTok and YouTube were pre-installed on the phone. Camera crashed every time I turned on the mode switch.

Edmard immediately contacted Apple support. A company employee said that they need two days of work to check, but most likely Apple will send another smartphone.

Interestingly, the counterfeit serial number matches the serial number of the phone that Apple sent. This is a problem with company support.

Reddit users suggest that the smartphone and bag were switched during delivery. At the same time, the scammers used exactly the same model in size and color.

They probably did this to obtain sensitive data, such as Apple ID and bank cards from the wallet (in older copies you can enter this data), and not just to steal the smartphone. If the target was only the new iPhone 15 Pro Max, they would not have put a clamp in the box instead, but something else that costs less than a Chinese smartphone. [Reddit]

Source: Iphones RU

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