OpenAI is developing GPT-5, said the company’s CEO Sam Altman. The new language model will be much more complex than its predecessors, and the changes in its capabilities will be so enormous that Altman himself will not be able to predict the capabilities of the neural network.

OpenAI leads GPT-5 development – Sam Altman

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has officially confirmed that the company is developing a new language model, GPT-5. The Financial Times writes about this.

According to Altman, GPT-5 will be much more powerful than its predecessor. At the same time, even Altman himself found it difficult to predict what the neural network would be capable of. Previously, the head of OpenAI announced plans to create artificial intelligence equal to humans in communication and information analysis.

After speaking at a conference this summer, Altman announced plans to pause work on GPT-5 due to concerns about the uncontrolled growth of artificial intelligence technologies and major advances in this area.

GPT-4 was introduced in March 2023. In November, OpenAI announced a more powerful and cheaper version.


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