As a result of the review, which started on October 12, 2023, the company made nearly 20 changes to the provisions governing the relationship between the marketplace, sellers and buyers.

One of the most important innovations concerns the rules regarding the return of goods. Now buyers do not need to check the quality of the product after receiving it.

A key date is when the product is rejected, and you can reject any product, including technically complex devices. In addition, Wildberries is committed to evaluating requests for product replacement more quickly.

Delivery conditions are also taken into consideration. Extension of delivery time is now only possible with the consent of the consumer. To simplify the process of canceling orders, the company is testing new functions in the personal account.

Initiation of paid return of goods is only possible in certain cases, for example if the customer’s refund rate is low or the delivery distance is significant.

Wildberries press service emphasized that in most cases returns are free and the return shipping cost is fixed and below the market price.

Source: Ferra

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