Everyone has a home extension cord that will be used somewhere. For example, I do not have a connected system unit, monitor and peripherals in the form of a printer and speaker.

An extension cord is an excellent solution when there is a shortage of outlets. However, not everything can be connected to it due to the risk of short circuits and equipment failure.

I found out what can and cannot be connected to an extension cord and am sharing it with you.

What equipment cannot be connected via an extension cord?

Surely everyone has a home like this. Be careful and check the load capacity.

A regular wall socket can usually withstand a load of up to 3500 W without any problems. Extension cords, in turn, depending on the model, are more likely to have a load bearing capacity. from 2000 to 3800 W. The power is usually included in the package or sometimes in the extension cord housing.

If you connect several devices with high power consumption, there is a high probability of overloading the extension cord. When overloaded, heating occurs, as well as drying out, which can cause a fire.

There is no need to try to be sure to use all the outlets of the extension cord.

Also, when connecting several devices to one extension cord, voltage drops may occur. No equipment sensitive to it can leave the building.

In the operating instructions, the manufacturer warns that you should not use extension cords that plug directly into the outlet of the following devices:

📍 Refrigerators and freezers. They work constantly and require a lot of electricity. High power, high speed. It turns off only occasionally, and may fail due to a power surge. When connected through an extension cord, the likelihood of a surge is higher, which can lead to damage.

It is not advisable, but to turn on the refrigerator using a surge protector with a ceiling light of about 2200 W – in most cases this value will be greater than the power consumption of the refrigerator, but it is better to look at the characteristics. The main thing is not to connect other devices to the extension cord.

📍 Washing machine and dishwasher. It is recommended to connect to a protected outlet to ensure proper circuit connection. When using the High extension, also keep water in it.

📍 Electric stove and oven. If connected through an extension cord, there is an increased chance of overload, wiring damage, fire, and a Darwin Award. The power of these devices is so high that power sockets are used to operate them.

Power more than 1500 W, only heated the plate

📍 Microwave. It consumes quite a lot of electricity, so there is also a separate outlet underneath it. The power of models with reduced grill and convection can exceed the power of a refrigerator or washing machine.

If there is no other outlet other than the extension cord, you should use the extension cord with a large dining table without connecting any other devices to it.

📍 Multicooker and pressure cooker. Such kitchen assistants for cooking can easily consume 1500 W – this is already an application for powerful kitchen appliances. Due to the high power and long operating time, it is recommended to connect directly to an outlet.

📍 Coffee maker, coffee machine and electric kettle. Small household appliances, but can still have a power of more than 2000 watts. The heating process requires a lot of effort, so you can’t handle just any extension cord. Also, connecting through an extension cord carries the risk of water entering the extension cord socket, which can cause a short circuit.

The toaster, like the kettle, was used mainly a couple of times a day, so they can be used alternately with one socket.

📍 Bread maker and toaster. There are a large number of heating elements located inside the devices. During operation, this bread quickly and easily toasts to a crispy slice, and the housing and extension cord can easily overheat.

📍 Heaters and air conditioners. It is dangerous to use indoor heating or cooling devices through an extension cord. For example, an air conditioner consumes a large amount of electricity during startup, as well as additional cooling or heating. At such times, it can overload the network and cause the infrastructure extender casing to overheat, causing it to melt.

The heater power can be more than 2500 W. High power coupled with long run times increases the risk of fire when plugged into an extension cord, even if no other devices are connected to it at the time.

The Dyson hair dryer has a wattage of 1600 watts, which is a serious extension tool.

📍 Hair dryer, curling irons and hair tongs. These devices get very hot during operation and have a power of 1500 to 2000 W, and some models even exceed 2300 W. In accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, it is also indicated to be used only when directly connected to an outlet, without any extension cords or adapters.

📍 Iron. Also falls into the category of powerful surveillance devices. Most models have power consumption from 1500 to 3000 W.

📍 Extension cord to extension cord. The fastest and surest way to overload the electrical network and disable it.

What equipment can be connected via an extension cord?

Turn on the equipment in most operating manuals recommended in the outlet. But if there is a shortage of sockets, you can connect the following to an extension cord:

✔️ laptops
✔️ various chargers for mobile equipment and accessories
✔️peripheral devices.

Even the most powerful charging brick for the MacBook Pro 16 on the M3 Pro Max is 140W. Along with it, you can also connect GaN charging from some Android smartphone at 100 W to the extension cord.

Most home inkjet printers have an average power of 20-40 W, which also allows you to easily connect them together with other devices to a surge protector.

The most important thing is to assert that the power of the extension cord is greater than the power of all connected devices.

Now you can safely charge your iPhone via a power strip without fear of short circuits or tripping fuses on other connected devices.

Source: Iphones RU

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