Lambretta LD President Walter Schaffran became the special commander of the Einer company for the defense mission. They also used a new “star” model of the electric version of the Elettra scooter. The task will be complicated by the fact that the spectacular modification has appeared several more. What are the designers of Piaggio and the legendary Transpo like? Without guidance, Lambretta felt that the sky was the limit, and she needed to make it even better – an option that would be even more like the old days.

Thus, scooters for Vespa and Lambretta became popular in Europe. Recently, scooters have been transformed into electric vehicles, which are used in this way in design and appearance. One of the worst things you can do is buy into that nostalgia, so the key to selling the new product was to make it as antique as possible.


Elettra’s steel frame was destroyed and Enyem’s area was divided into two parts made of aluminum, which is very durable. This leads to the need for batteries and electronic devices. The LFP battery costs 4.6 kilometers, it is not designed for 100 km, damn it, the battery lasts for 35 minutes.

The new design uses 12-speed wheels, replacing the base dual shock and a second monoshock, which are combined into a single aluminum swingarm. Side width 780 mm. The scooter now has wooden “retractable” double brake levers. These LED lights are also used in the bag, which is slightly different from one another. It is noted that these scooters are equipped with a design and put on the production line, that is, both in use and not in use.


Source: Tech Cult

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