Two months is the period during which the hype for any new iPhone usually takes place. All that remains is pragmatism: the need for renewal, yes New Year permit obligations.

It’s no wonder that interest in the iPhone 15 in Russia has dropped sharply in recent weeks. Those who really wanted it took it. Those who were not sure have already decided. And the rest weren’t even going to. Prices are falling and are also supported by the stabilizing ruble-dollar exchange rate.

I myself belong to this group; I didn’t initially intend to buy a new iPhone. Several minutes of gadget-maniacal weakness passed while I tried to explain the reason for the possible purchase. But in the end I always came to a reasonable conclusion: I don’t need a new iPhone yet. There are many like me this year.

I’ll list below the reason why I’m staying on my iPhone for another year and I’m unlikely to regret it. I wonder if you agree with them or if you have a different opinion. Especially if you’re reading, this is already with the iPhone 15 of any model.

1. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max

There is a good rule with Apple gadgets and methods in particular: panels and the use of top models so that objective considerations change them to new ones that appear a little later.

Brother is not a basic MacBook, an improved configuration. Not the minimal version of the iPhone or, God forbid, the previous generation, but the newest one, also with a memory reserve. And so on. Yes, a good thing that exceeds the immediate mood level will almost always last as long as its simplified version. But you can please and be useful longer.

If today I had some “regular” iPhone 13, I would probably have already bought at least the same “regular” iPhone 15. In terms of camera, the difference is very big, for example. And a cutout would probably interest me, as well as a performance upgrade. But the “top” from last year still doesn’t get tired in fact, it makes you happy every day and is successfully retained by pressing the “Buy” button.

2. iPhone 13 Pro Max is still a VERY good device

For 2 years, my “combat” set has not changed; excellent gadgets get old for a long time.

The technological development of smartphones has slowed down for a long time, and only pinpoint breakthroughs in small things in marketing encourage people to look for a new way before the old ones appear.

I use iPhone 13 Pro Max in 2023 on the latest version of iOS (also beta version), at least 8 hours of screen time daily. I’m so happy with everything that even I’m surprised. I was a gadget maniac, I always immediately wanted something new, the most top-end. It disappeared somewhere. Whether he has matured or become callous, it is unclear.

It’s clear that I never caught myself thinking that the iPhone 15 Pro Max in this or that task would give me something significantly more useful than what I have now. I liked the performance of the new product in games, objectively, but I did not suffer when I returned back after the test. Yes, it very rarely stutters in a super-demanding game, but in reality it doesn’t interfere!

Although the battery shows only 83% of the unknown “maximum capacity”, it holds up confidently after use. The “iron” works just as “iron” as it did without repairing anything two years ago. A transparent MagSafe case and an inadequately durable film on the screen, glued as a joke in 2021, gradually preserve the device in its original form.

I take 95% of photographs for articles on it, and I don’t see any complaints from readers. I’ve already gotten used to all its features, framing, and post-processing. Household photographs and family archives also look shameless. Everything suits me. And if everything suits you, why go to the store, right?

3. I don’t want to bother with reinstalling applications that don’t exist.

Almost every day, either here in the comments, or on the forum, or in the chat of our Telegram channel, someone will ask: how to install this application or that bank? Where can I get it?

I look at the desktop of my iPhone, where all the original “programs” are still allowed to this day, and I understand that it’s good when you don’t need to indulge in all this. Yes, I install new software when it goes to the bank or when the old one is turned off. But not everyone does this. For example, application Tinkoff So far it has worked and still works.

Of course, this is a trifle, the issue can be resolved without much difficulty. But they really don’t want to know that I really have a fad that has stopped me from moving to another, newer iPhone.

4. A whole terabyte of memory is addictive.

Music and applications take up more and more memory, and the more of them, the greater the demand on the iPhone’s storage.

You get used to good things quickly, you will agree. When you have 1 terabyte on your iPhone, sooner or later you will get used to them and inevitably “grow into them.”

I like to keep my entire Apple Music library downloaded. Media library for 20 years wow what kind of gain. This way, tracks switch faster, there are no loads or pauses, all the covers are in the library at once, there is no load on the operator’s traffic package… And the fact that I always have Lossless versions of songs on hand doesn’t hurt either. This is immediately minus 200 gigabytes of memory, as if from a bush.

We add applications to them. Yes, from time to time I play shameful things like Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail. In total, these two games weigh more than 50 gigabytes; updating them requires 10-15 gigabytes of free space, plus the same amount for unpacking. And this is not a unique case – some Call Of Duty Mobile can easily farm 30 gigabytes of cache in a couple of months.

There is also Telegram, which by default will eat up both 10 and 20 gigabytes without any problems if you don’t evaluate it. And I haven’t yet mentioned various software that may suddenly become desperately needed. As a result, I have almost 250 applications on my device, and this is after a thorough “cleaning”.

So I get 500 gigabytes of occupied space. If I don’t change my habits, the 512 GB model will either fit me just fine, or I’ll need to remove something. In principle, the problem is solvable – but why deprive yourself of convenience?

A whole terabyte on your smartphone, so you never have to worry in your storage room. Did iOS eat up 100 gigabytes out of the blue because of another bug? For God’s sake. Need to download a 15 gigabyte file for a minute’s work? Yes please. I even use it as a flash drive sometimes. One way or another, I won’t be able to fill it, and I’m not ready to give it up.

5. The price in Russia for iPhone 15 still forces you to do this: 🤔

They are cheaper on the gray market. But you are unlikely to pay less than 180 thousand rubles for such a model, even if you wanted to.

Based on my opinion, there is no point in upgrading. But if you lift the fragments of gadget mania from your heart, they will still reflect a disappointing fact – what I need costs more than I consider normal expenses for minor smartphone upgrade.

All the colors in the Pro and Pro Max lines except for “natural titanium” are dull this year. Naturally, it is he who holds the highest demand and costs more than others. The maximum memory is needed, that is, I am only considering the 1 terabyte version. Finally, fraud with SIM cards is not my thing; I only recognize the classic eSIM+SIM models. Dual-SIM or eSIM-only versions are cheaper.

In the end I have no choiceyou need to take the most expensive iPhone model in all respects: iPhone 15 Pro Max 1 terabyte, eSIM+SIM, in “titanium” color.

Although no, there is a choice. You can just No take it and stay “richer” by 200, if not 230 thousand rubles.

I strive for rational decisions, after all, it’s time – and I can’t explain to myself the reasonableness of such an upgrade. So, with a calm soul, I let go of this thought. And now I’ll wait for the next generation with my absolutely normal iPhone 13 Pro Max.

PS True, the money still came back and I bought a top-end 3D printer for a fraction of the price. A lot of emotions, it’s been a long time since a gadget has interested me so much and charged me. But that’s a completely different story…

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