If there is an event that will move the hearts of consumers, it is undoubtedly Black Friday. This discount tradition, which started in the United States, reached Brazil in 2011 and turned the last Friday of November into a shopping frenzy and unique opportunities.

In 2023, the day of this celebration is already marked in the calendar of companies, but the discount party is already going on throughout the month. For those who want to make the most of this season of opportunity, the question arises: Where to find the best deals on Black Friday?

Here, we are ready to guide you through this world of discounts, providing not only a roadmap to the best promotions, but also important tips to ensure that your purchases are not only advantageous, but also smart. Check out!

What are the best sites to buy on Black Friday?

TecFriday hub is your best friend when it comes to searching for real deals. Here you will find special promotions and coupons of the main e-commerce stores in Brazil.

From electronics to clothing and beauty accessories, TecMundo has prepared a special area for this. Collect the best deals with 70% off or more. A price comparison tool is also available to ensure you take advantage of this year’s Black Friday and take home all the items on your shopping list.

What is the best date to buy on Black Friday?

Black Friday in Brazil continues the North American tradition; The last Friday of November is the official sale day. Mark your calendar for November 24 in 2023.

It is worth emphasizing that offers are not waiting for that big day. Starting from the beginning of November, especially in the last week of the month, with Black Friday heating up, promotions begin to appear in online stores.

Therefore the golden advice is this: Don’t wait until the last minute to search for the best prices online! This task becomes easier when you sign up for the TecFriday VIP List. You’ll get tips from TecMundo experts thanks to complete reviews of the products you’re dreaming of buying.

What else is worth buying on Black Friday?

According to 2022 trends, products in the gaming segment led the discount on Black Friday with an average of 49.63% cheaper prices. But the opportunities don’t end there.

Highlighted categories are:

  • of the book;
  • e-books;
  • mobile phones;
  • smart TVs;
  • computers;
  • clothes;
  • cameras;
  • drones;
  • home appliances;
  • online courses;
  • supermarket.

The variety should be repeated in 2023. The tip is to pay attention to the categories that interest you the most.

Research and planning will help you make a good purchase on Black Friday.

How to make a good purchase on Black Friday?

Here are some top tips to ensure your shopping is as good as the discounts promise:

  1. Make a list of the items you want to buy and set a budget;
  2. Choose known and reliable stores. Search for specific websites regarding complaints and company reputation;
  3. Track the prices of the items you want before Black Friday to identify real discounts;
  4. Be wary of sellers who offer prices that are much lower than competitors and try to close the sale.

Find the best offers at TecMundo

From high-end electronics to everyday items, the opportunities at BF are vast. Our mission is to ensure you are equipped with the information you need to make informed choices.

The best way to do this It offers unmissable opportunities in one place. That’s how TecFriday Lives works, which includes Live Esquenta BF, Live Virada BF, Live Sexta BF and Live Cyber ​​Monday broadcast during the biggest commercial event in the country.

TecFriday is the best discount destination for Black Friday 2023.

Get ready to discover special promotions, discounts and deals. SDistributions of desired products such as PlayStation 5, XBOOM speakers and 55 and 65 inch TVs. The live show will start on Thursday 23/11 and continue until Monday the 27th.

Black Friday is an exciting time, but it also requires strategy. Plan your purchases, pay attention to clues and Explore the TecFriday hub to shop for the best value for money. This Black Friday, you have the opportunity to shop smart and affordable!

Source: Tec Mundo

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