The tumultuous moment at OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company responsible for ChatGPT, is far from over. Following the departure of CEO Sam Altman, who was fired by the board last Friday (17), more people may soon leave the company.

According to website wireda group consisting of approximately 500 employees signed a letter He is asking board members to resign. Move comes after recent actions ‘evidence’ “We cannot inspect” OpenAI, according to employees.

If the request is not accepted A group of employees are threatening to resign to work at MicrosoftThe company is OpenAI’s main commercial partner and recently hired Altman to lead a team focused on the AI ​​sector. In total, the company has around 700 employees, meaning almost two-thirds of the team will leave at once.

“We cannot work with or for anyone who lacks competence, judgment, and care for our mission and our employees,” reads the document, which accuses the board of risking the company’s future.

The letter calls for the rehiring of Altman and Brockman, as well as the appointment of two new independent directors and even naming two candidates, something that should no longer be happening.

Return for ChatGPT’s owner

The dismissal of OpenAI’s co-founder and former CEO surprised the market. Sam Altman, the company’s most important public figure up to that time, Not being “consistently candid in your communications” with the board and was therefore dismissed. Details regarding the cause of this dispute have not yet been disclosed.

In addition to Altman’s dismissal, the employee group He criticizes the interim CEO change made in less than three days, In addition to Greg Brockman’s departure as chairman of the board, this led to him resigning and also being hired by the company that owns Windows.

ChatGPT is the leading AI chatbot on the market today.

The list of employees who signed the letter includes important names: Ilya SutskeverOpenAI’s chief scientist and board member who fired Altman, and Mira Muratithe current head of technology and was appointed interim CEO after the restructuring – but has already been replaced by a new interim executive director, Emmett Cutting.

So far, Microsoft has not commented on keeping the doors open to OpenAI employees at the new subsidiary that Altman will run. So what do you think we can expect from the future of the ChatGPT owner?

Source: Tec Mundo

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