The app shelf at the bottom of the screen is one of the oldest elements of iOS. Cupertino has only changed the appearance of the background under the icons a few times and does not allow you to customize the dock yourself.

There is a way to change the panel a little using custom wallpaper. Previously, strict settings were saved, but now you can add the desired effect to any image.

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Now let’s look at how to make the Dock panel transparent or change its appearance.

How to close the Dock in iOS

1. Download the free app Dockland from the App Store.

2. Save your wallpaper photo to your iOS gallery. If you use a standard background image, you must download it to your smartphone in advance. For example, there are wallpapers from iOS 17 here.

3. Launch the application Dockland and the selected wallpaper style. To make the panel transparent, you need to use the effect Gradient.

4. Click “+” and download wallpapers from galleries.

5. Use side swipes to select the effect of closing the dock. If necessary, adjust the brightness or contrast of the wallpaper.

6. Click the button at the bottom at the top and save the resulting image.

7. Go to Settings – Wallpaper and install the saved image with the effect.

8. When setting your home screen wallpaper, turn off the parallax effect and lantern blur.

This will create a background image that will mask the dock panel and make it transparent.

In the same application, you can customize a different original appearance of the panel.

Source: Iphones RU

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