Finland will leave only one checkpoint open on the border with Russia: the northernmost one, in the Murmansk region. People will be able to cross it in both directions. Finland closed four checkpoints a few days ago and three more will do so starting November 24.

Finland will leave only one checkpoint open on the border with Russia

The Finnish government announced the closure of three more checkpoints on the border with Russia starting November 24. Only the Raya-Jooseppi-Lotta point, located in the Murmansk region, will remain open, the government said in a statement.

On November 18, Finland closed four checkpoints on the land border with Russia: Vaalimaa – Torfyanovka, Nuijamaa – Brusnichnoe, Imatra – Svetogorsk and Niirala – Värtsilä.

Starting November 24, the Kuusamo-Suoperä, Vartius-Lyttä and Salla-Salla points will be closed. The restriction will be in effect until December 23.

Finnish authorities explained the decision to almost completely close the border with Russia due to the influx of asylum-seeking migrants using Russia as a transit country.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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