Smartphone users should be fully accustomed to regular security updates to keep their data safe. Now Apple is making it easy by introducing a new way to quickly update iPhone security without having to run a full iOS update.

Apple is beta testing its Rapid Security Responses (RSR) feature, which is designed to make it easier to install security patches. From May 1, RSR is released to everyone Apple device owners.

iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple in hand against the background of a wooden door
Christine Romero-Chan

The updated security approach “will provide significant security improvements between software updates”, allowing users to receive security patches more frequently than they have installed them in the past. This doesn’t mean that Apple is stingy with security updates, far from it, it’s just that users can now expect patches to be released the moment they’re ready, instead of waiting for full iOS updates.

According to Apple, Rapid Security Responses downloads automatically by default and may require you to restart your iPhone upon activation. However, RSR auto-download can be turned off, and you’ll just get fixes with every new iOS software update, just like before. Yes, sure Maybe disable RSR, it’s a good idea to leave auto download enabled so that your device is always up to date with all the latest security software.

Source: Digital Trends

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