In 2024, the Ministry of Digital Development intends to resume allocating subsidies to startups and client companies to support IT development, said the head of the ministry, Maksut Shadayev. In the summer, the department scaled back this program following the arrest of former deputy minister Maxim Parshin, who oversaw this work.

Authorities prepare to resume IT development subsidy program in 2024

“There is money for 2024. Starting next year we will resume two programs (subsidies – IF) – through the Bortnik Foundation and the ICCs (industrial competence centers – IF),” said Shadayev, quoted by Interfax.

In early October, during a discussion on the country’s draft federal budget for next year, Shadayev said that no funds were planned to be allocated to support IT development.

In the already adopted document, money is allocated for these tasks. However, Shadayev clarified, the amount of state co-financing will be reduced from 80% to 50%. And in 2025, the Ministry of Digital Development is preparing to adopt a new subsidy program.

“We hope that there will also be funds,” said the head of the Ministry of Digital Development.

Earlier this month it was reported that the Ministry of Digital Development would completely refuse to provide grants directly for IT development. Instead, support applicants will be offered preferential loans.

The department explained this decision based on the results of an audit of the grant program.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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