A big update of Telegram 10.3 has been released.

It has many small innovations. Some are more significant, some less. There are nice bonuses for ad subscribers.

Similar phrases

Now it has become a little easier to discover new contacts. When joining a channel, the user will see a list of similar public channels.

They are selected automatically based on the intersection of the surrounding world.

Reposting the story

Now you can repost your friends’ stories to yourself. With this story, you can supplement your text, audio track and even video commentary, and also select the circle of users who will be able to see the repost.

To repost, click on the forward arrow and select “Repost Story.” Works only with Stories for everyone.

Video messages in history

You can now add video message history pages with your comments. It will be the same circle as in the messages.

These video messages can be modified to be resized, moved anywhere on the screen, and selected at the beginning and end.

Profile colors

Today, Telegram Premium subscribers can choose unique color combinations with profile logos to further enhance the personality of their pages.

You can change it in the menu Settings -> Chat settings -> Change your colors on Android or Settings -> Appearance -> Personal Colors on iOS.

Stories statistics for methods

Administrators of channels publishing a story now have access to statistics on views, forwards, and viewing of the story. It displays graphs that make it easy to track the dynamics of the global economy and user reactions to each story.

Emoji from sets as an actor on channels

In addition to standard conditions, you can now use emoji from a set of sets – 1 non-standard procedure for each channel level. This control is the channel administrator.

And little things

• Ability to set wallpaper for individual chats, they will be for both interlocutors (only for Premium).

• Transcription of voice messages is now available to all users for free, but you can use it no more than twice a week.

• code highlighting has now become available in messages, and it has become possible to detect it

• now Telegram remembers the display mode when viewing groups with topics – in the form of “Fractional chat” or “Individual topic”

• in the iOS application, minimal deletion of messages by timer is now accompanied by animation – “Thanos Click”

That’s all. More details about the update are available on the Telegram website.

Source: Iphones RU

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