Friends, three years ago became one of the first sites in the RuNet to introduce authorization via Apple ID. They were very proud of this from a technical point of view. We hope you have enjoyed using this downgrade.

I see no point in commenting here on a decision that has been put into effect. We are a Russian site, and therefore we must comply with the laws of the Russian Federation if we want to continue working in Russia. There can be no “no” here; the time for discussing issues has ended with the adoption of the law.

So let’s get straight to the point.

I see that a significant, albeit not the majority, of users from Russia have registered on the site through the service Sign in with Apple ID. Disabling this button does not mean your accounts will be removed or enabled.

If you are subject to the new law and used this method of authorization, keep two ways to enter the site under your previous account.

1. If your account existed before Apple ID login was shown on, and you subsequently logged in through it, log in with your Apple ID using the same email address: You can log in the old fashioned way using your email address. If necessary, your forgotten password will be sent to your email.

2. If you registered in the office and fully logged in via Apple ID, and you had no other way to log into your account: write to me at [email protected] letter. In this screenshot, please provide your personal account and indicate the email to which you want to relink your account. I’ll send you the password for the next login by email if everything works out.

We have also disabled new options for registering email domains abroad on This was done now in order to determine this position in force, only so that later the New Regs would not become sharply uncomfortable and offended.

We will monitor compliance with this legislation and if anything changes, I will let you know. Otherwise we work as before.

Source: Iphones RU

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