Google Chrome users should update their browser immediately or check if the browser is on the latest version. Last Wednesday (29), the company launched A security patch to address seven discovered vulnerabilities in the browser.

Call CVE-2023-6345, the most serious vulnerability involves the open source 2D graphics library Skia. At worst, allows remote code execution by sending a malicious file to other users’ systems.

It’s a escapade called “zero day”That is, it is a vulnerability detected by security teams or attackers before receiving an update from the company.

The flaw was found by the Threat Analysis Group (TAG), a vulnerability hunting group run by Google itself. The update applies to the browser in Windows, macOS and Linux versions.

Security updates in Google Chrome

This is the fifth Chrome update in 2023 to protect against zero-day vulnerabilities, which tend to be the most serious vulnerability in a system. One of the previous ones occurred in April; A very similar security breach also allowed Skia to escape the sandbox using HTML pages.

Company to date He did not provide technical details about the bug or confirm whether it was a remnant of the breach fixed months ago. Google will wait until the majority of the community is protected to discuss the issue.

Users who use Chrome usually update their browsers by the system when they open the program every day; This means you probably don’t need to do anything to avoid falling victim to the new breach.

However, it is recommended that you: access the “About Google Chrome” menu in the program settings To manually check if the latest version is installed on your computer.

Source: Tec Mundo

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