Fedor Ovchinnikov spoke about the relaunch of the Doner 42 network, now it is called Kebster! Previously, kebsters was the name given to flatbread in Doner 42 establishments.

“We will make street food technological”, spoke Fedor Ovchinnikov about the relaunch of Doner 42

Reports of new signage at Doner 42 locations began appearing in the fall, but Dodo Brands made no official statement on the matter.

Doner 42 appeared in 2020 as an experiment to create a digital shawarma. But the network did not gain wide popularity, so in 2022 Fyodor Ovchinnikov said that the company would not further develop the concept. At the same time that there were plans to enter Kazakhstan, the chain announced the sale of the franchise.

Now, instead of Doner 42, a “healthy discount store” will operate, Fyodor Ovchinnikov said on his Telegram channel. In his words, “Kebster!” offers a familiar and safe product to millions of people for whom the difference of 50 rubles makes a difference.

“We are going to “break in” with the help of our favorite technologies: there is no physical cash register, but there is a mobile application and digital kiosks, “smart issuance” and self-service; Thanks to this, high productivity and, consequently, low prices for guests,” wrote Fyodor Ovchinnikov.

According to the businessman, the task of the new project is to learn how to start small, highly productive establishments. Dodo founder admits that mistakes were made during implementation. In particular, customers do not have a very good understanding of how the establishment works (“Kebster!” has already opened on Maroseyka Street).

All services and companies related to moving on a single map

The project concept involves a very small area, so the ordering machines and delivery window are somewhat far from each other and “people don’t understand how it works.” At the same time, Ovchinnikov continues, demand is increasing every day. The company promises to introduce “smart delivery” to the street on December 20. And Ovchinnikov promised to talk about the reasons for the restart later.

In the summer of 2023, Fedor Ovchinnikov announced his resignation as CEO of Dodo Brands. At the same time, the businessman maintained his position on the company’s board of directors.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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