The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOD) has redesigned the use of SimStriker bots, complementing their web-based combat capabilities with ChatGPT.

For the most part, modern technology has been completely burned. Unprecedented, motor and special combat or assault/defense strongholds meet opposite, literally, face to face. Special skills are also required – in particular, the ability to act in a limited space, make decisions instantly, not necessarily use statistical information, and for this reason be lazy in your group. If you must do this, it is important to follow the following process: Get as close to combat as possible.

SimStriker 4GD is an information system and interactive, simulating scratches placed inside the building. This simulator is actively used by the British and French authorities. SimStriker software provides technical, manual and sensor-based recording accuracy and rate of fire – they are redirected to light, sound and life. The dummy may appear, sound the alarm, and simulate a response.

Integration with ChatGPT is very realistic. AI mannequins can conduct so-called “synthetic conversations” with Soldiers and interact with their devices, bringing greater clarity to combat training. diversity.

Source: Tech Cult

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